When to Start Anti-Aging Skin Care

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The truth is that it’s never too early to start an anti-aging skin care routine. Anti-aging skin care is as simple as taking steps to protect and nurture your skin in the way it deserves. Skin can start showing signs of aging in your early 20s, but you can keep it looking its best by incorporating healthy habits into your routine and visiting our Med Spa for more targeted treatment options.

What happens to aging skin, anyway?

Before you start thinking about an anti-aging skin care routine, it’s helpful to understand what happens to the skin as we get older. As we age, collagen production slows down. Collagen is a structural protein that helps keep our skin firm and smooth. While everyone will experience a dip in collagen as they get older, the process doesn’t look the same for everyone. Factors like hormonal imbalances, irregular sleep, genetics, oxidative stress, and poor diets rich in processed foods can all accelerate the aging process. Fortunately, many of these factors can be addressed through a holistic approach that begins with delivering the nutrients and protection your skin needs to remain youthful, beautiful, and healthy.

How can you promote healthier aging of your skin?

Promoting healthy aging starts with carefully considering what goes into your body and onto your skin. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re giving your skin everything it needs to thrive as you get older:

  • Eat Anti-Aging Foods – Beautiful skin comes from the inside out. You would be surprised to know how many skin problems you can solve when you change your diet. Wrinkles and fine lines are worsened by a poor diet and hydration routine.
    If you want more youthful-looking skin, add foods high in antioxidants and vitamins into your diet in your 20s. Blueberries might as well be called youth-berries due to how good they are for your skin! Other anti-aging foods that are great for your skin include sweet potatoes, nuts, and avocados.
  • Wear Sunscreen – The sun might feel amazing, but too much of it is the direct enemy to youthful skin. To prevent sun spots and aging, slather on at least SPF 50 every day. If you have trouble remembering to wear sunscreen, invest in a moisturizer with a built-in SPF. We suggest using chemical-free (paraben and phthalate-free SPF).
    It’s crucial that you apply sunscreen to your body as well as your face during your anti-aging skin care routine. Carry a portable sunscreen bottle with you so you can reapply. Don’t forget commonly overlooked parts of your face, like your eyelids.
  • Use Natural Products – If you want healthy, beautiful skin, you should be using products free of excess chemicals. These chemicals might heal your acne temporarily, but in the long run, they break down skin and cause more harm than good.
    Invest in beauty products from all-natural skin care brands. You can feel good about using these on your skin knowing they’re not causing microtears and damage. Invest in a three-step anti-aging skin care system that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

What types of Med Spa treatments can help you fight back against common signs of aging?

If you’re starting to see early signs of aging and you want to stop the aging process in its tracks, you can explore some “prejuvenation” Med Spa treatments. These treatments go deeper into the skin to boost collagen production and cell regeneration, so you can see more dramatic improvements of common skin care concerns. Here’s a closer look at the treatment options you might explore in your 20s, 30s, or 40s:

  • Botox and Natural Fillers – Botox and natural fillers both target fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Botox is used to relax muscles in the forehead, which in turn smooths the skin in the upper face. It’s ideal for targeting crow’s feet, 11 lines, and creases in the forehead. Natural fillers contain hyaluronic acid (a substance that’s naturally produced in the body) to restore volume in the cheek bones, chin, and lips. There’s no right or wrong age to schedule a consultation to discuss Botox and fillers.
  • Spa Facials – At any age, a spa facial can restore healthy skin and bring back your natural glow. During a facial, the skin is deeply exfoliated to remove dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. Once healthier layers of skin are exposed, skin care products can be infused into the skin for a nutritional boost that will improve cell regeneration and allow the skin to appear smoother and more radiant. Facials can also be customized to your unique needs and skin care goals.
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Laser skin care can target specific skin concerns like dark spots and scarring, but it also offers great overall benefits for the skin. Specific frequencies of laser light target cells deep within the skin to trigger collagen production and repair damage at the source. In the weeks following your laser skin treatment, you’ll notice smoother, brighter, tighter skin with a natural glow.

At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we want to help you love the skin you’re in. If you’re having chronic skin problems or premature signs of aging, we can help you address them at our Chandler Med Spa. Contact us today at (602) 388-1155 to learn about our holistic nutrition services and anti-aging skin care options.