Ozone therapy can help you achieve your goals whether you want to help your body detox and heal due to illness or other concerns, or you want to further enhance and improve your good health.

Ozone therapy has been shown to be a safe and effective way to improve one's overall health. Ozone is a supercharged oxygen gas made up of three oxygen atoms.

When ozone is applied to a patient's body, it saturates the cells, tissues, and organs with oxygen. It is a vital nutrient that the body requires in order to produce energy

Ozone therapy also aids in the detoxification of mycotoxins, which are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds and can have both acute and chronic negative health effects.

Ozone therapy improves the body's ability to use oxygen. This allows the body to fight infections more effectively and also slows the ageing process.

Ozone Infusion Therapy has been shown to be effective and safe, but it is not for everyone. Call Vitality Wellness Clinic at (602) 388-1155 to find out if it can help you.