A minimally invasive skin technique is microneedling. Your medical professional punctures the top layer of your skin with thin needles.

The injury encourages your skin to manufacture more collagen and elastin in order to speed up the healing process. Your skin is kept smooth and firm by these proteins.

Your skin's look and feel can be enhanced by microneedling. Stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and other skin issues can all be reduced by it.

In contrast to some face rejuvenation procedures that involve heat, light, or lasers, it doesn't run the danger of skin discoloration.

After microneedling, your skin may burn or feel tight for a few days or weeks Most people require several microneedling sessions, often spaced 3 to 8 weeks apart.

Results may not be seen for three to six months. The operation may then need to be repeated once a year for maintenance.

A minimally invasive procedure that can enhance the appearance of your skin is microneedling. It helps to restore elastin to your skin

If you have stretch marks, acne scars, or other skin issues, talk to your doctor about microneedling.

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