Planning to start the year by dropping a few pounds? Then diet smart and rev up your weight-loss mojo with our GP recommended diet advice.

We asked the best diet experts in Britain to divulge their tried-and-true methods for getting in shape, regardless of the diet you are on.

Increase your protein intake by choosing quinoa, which is the only plant protein that is complete and includes all nine essential amino acids.

Get rid of hidden sugars because they are all treated the same way by your body because they are all just sugar.

Drink additional water to experience a 25% rise in metabolic rate that lasts for less than an hour after drinking the water.

In order of sleep: Because lack of sleep alters hormone levels that control hunger, dieting's positive effects can be diminished or even reversed.

Eat mindfully: People come to see me wanting to lose weight but once they have learnt to eat mindfully and develop a healthier relationship with food

Numerous dieters make the mistake of focusing simply on calories and ignoring their nutritional worth because not all calories are created equal.

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