The one-day detox method gives you a small push in the direction of feeling better and making longer-term choices that are healthier.

Drink Plenty Of Water

In order for any detox diet to be successful, you must consume adequate water. At least 2 litres of water should be consumed every day.

Drink Green Tea

Studies have found that drinking green tea increases metabolism and may aid in long-term weight loss.

Avoid Dairy Products

When ingested as part of a detox diet, milk may be challenging to digest due to its high natural sugar content (lactose).

Eat Lean Proteins

While limiting some protein sources, such as red meat, might assist lower saturated fats and promote overall weight loss

Choose Low Carb Meals

A detox diet works well with some veggies since they are low in carbs. Low-carb vegetables can be used as side dishes or combined with high-protein items as a main course.