The yin and yang principle is central to Chinese medicine and can be seen in all areas of health and daily life, including the food we eat.

Dietary choices should be made taking into account how one's yin and yang energies emerge in one's body.

Yin has a tendency to be more feminine, whereas yang has a tendency to be more masculine. They stand for the dynamic equilibrium of opposing forces when combined.

As a general rule, yin is more feminine while yang is more male. They both contribute to the dynamic equilibrium of competing forces.

Those who consume too much Yang food may experience breakouts and poor breath, whereas those who eat too much Yin food may become anaemic or lethargic.

What are the Yang foods? Alcohol Apricot Beef Caffeine Cayenne pepper Chicken Cinnamon Eggs  Onions Peanuts  Pepper –Pumpkin –Salmon

What are the Yin foods? Cauliflower Celery Chickpeas Cucumber Grapes Honey Leeks Lettuce  Squash  Tofu Turnips Water Watermelon

Finding meals that work for your own body and surroundings is the key to maintaining a healthy yin-yang balance. Have questions? Drop us a line.