It's no accident that the rapid rise in obesity coincided with the increased availability of highly processed meals.

Although highly processed meals are handy, they are heavy in calories, low in nutrients, and raise your risk of developing a variety of ailments.

Real foods are foods with a single ingredient that are high in vitamins and minerals, free of chemical additions, and mainly unprocessed.

A nutrient-deficient diet may also keep you from losing weight by making you feel less full after eating.

It boosts your metabolism, reduces hunger, and influences the synthesis of hormones that help you lose weight.

This is due to the ease with which proteins react with the carbohydrates and fats used in processing to generate a complex mixture.

Whole protein sources are often richer in protein and fewer in calories, making them healthier for fat loss.

Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars, but they also provide fiber, vitamins, and water, all of which are essential components of a healthy diet.

A diet high in whole foods is beneficial to your health and can aid in weight loss. Please contact us for additional information.