8 Ways Hormonal Imbalance Impacts Skin Health 

Hormonal imbalance affects skin health, causing various issues impacting appearance and well-being.

Imbalance leads to increased sebum, causing greasy skin and acne risks.

 Hormonal shifts can cause skin dryness and irritation due to reduced moisture retention from low estrogen

Inflammation arises, causing redness and sensitivity as hormones disrupt the skin barrier.

 Fluctuations, like during pregnancy or PCOS, can cause hyperpigmentation, especially in sun-exposed areas.

Accelerated ageing occurs with hormonal imbalance, leading to sagging skin and early wrinkles.

Conditions like PCOS trigger cystic acne, deep and painful, challenging to treat.

Hormonal imbalances, like elevated DHT levels, contribute to hair loss, affecting density and texture.

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