Herbs are a type of plant whose leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds have a variety of uses. To learn more, swipe up.

That's why we dug through the research and compiled this list of 5 herbs that support hormone-balancing claims.

1. Nigella seeds These seeds have medicinal qualities due to the presence of thymoquinone, a phytonutrient, or plant ingredient.

2. Ashwagandha:  It is well-known in herbal medicine, and there are numerous ashwagandha pills, teas, and root powders available.

3. Black cohosh root:  Its been utilized and continues to be used to help women's health issues such as menstruation irregularities and  PCOD.

4. Chasteberry:  It contain diterpenoid chemicals, which may be responsible for the potential effects of this supplement on hormones such as prolactin.

5. Marjoram  Early study on marjoram in humans and animals looked at how it could assist persons with PCOS lower stress.

Herbal medicine is simply one of numerous therapy options for hormone imbalances. Please contact us for additional information.