What some of our patients have to say…

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Judy Hinojosa to others.

I have been Dr. Judy’s patient for two years now and I have never encountered a doctor who takes such a personal and caring approach to treating her patients… Dr. Judy took the time to find out what was wrong and used natural medications in order to treat my condition… Dr. Judy truly cares about her patients and does not treat you like another number.”


“I have been Dr. Judy’s patient for two years. My condition before meeting Dr. Judy was horrible. I struggled tremendously with my weight, and I was getting sicker every day….No matter what I did, I couldn’t get better or feel better…From the moment I met Dr. Judy, she was wonderful. During our very first meeting she spent so much time with me to really listen to me.

She asked me all the right questions—things I wouldn’t have even thought of. She instantly put me at ease and she was non-judgmental. She has completely changed my life and she still continues to help me on the journey to better health.”


“I am so very grateful to Dr. Hinojosa! She not only is my doctor but my children’s as well.

I could not ask for a more caring and compassionate doctor for my two boys and myself…

[My boys] love going to the doctor! They get a lot of hugs and they know they are sincerely cared about. I am watching my older son travel down a road of wonderful health…To me, Dr. Hinojosa is a health coach, a teacher, and a truly amazing doctor. I have a great amount of respect for her knowledge, her concern for the patient as a whole.”


“In the three months I have been seeing Dr. Judy, I am virtually pain free from joint pain.

I feel very strong and balanced. I am eating to feel great, and I have lost 32 pounds. I have gained a wellspring of energy and my friends say I am “glowing.” Dr. Judy is amazing and her staff are friendly and caring. I highly recommend Vitality Wellness Clinic to all.”


“Eight months ago, I started seeing Dr. Judy Hinojosa because I was interested in her therapeutic use of bioidentical hormones.

My experience working with her has been absolutely awesome. Her very thorough testing led us to find things traditional doctors had previously missed…

Dr. Hinojosa genuinely cares about the whole health of a person and my experience with her has been nothing but wonderful.”


“Dr. Judy Hinojosa is an amazing doctor. Since the first day I visited her practice, I was so impressed by the whole wellness center…

Finally, I felt I found a doctor who cared about me, not the time or the next appointment…

It was great to get such specific instructions…and to have a doctor who cared and listened to my questions and concerns…I would recommend Dr. Judy Hinojosa to everyone who is looking to lose weight and keep it off, while having amazing care from a doctor who truly cares about you.”


“I simply can’t say good enough things about Dr. Judy and her office…She has helped me regain my health allowing me to feel like a normal person again.

For the first time in a long time, I am enjoying great physical health and feeling happy and alive again.

It has been so long since I have felt well and now I feel like I have my life back. People that have not seen me in a long time continue to ask me what I am doing to look and feel this great. I can’t stop talking about her to all my friends. She is a miracle worker!”


“Dr. Judy is extremely knowledgeable. Her feedback was right on point and the lab results demonstrated that she knew what she was talking about…

She is very intuitive, and not only listens to my words, but digs deeper below the surface to figure out the problem…

Dr. Judy was even sensitive to my financial situation, and worked it out so that my needs are met without sacrificing the quality of care and remedies I receive.”


“At age 4 [my daughter] had a colonoscopy because four doctors couldn’t diagnose her….Dr. Judy was the one that finally (and much less invasively) figured out she had food allergies that others weren’t testing for. Now our entire family sees her.

Dr. Judy has great staff and you will really notice a difference over other physician offices in how you are treated and cared for.”


“Prior to meeting Dr. Hinojosa, I spent several years looking for answers to my fertility and wellness issues. After meeting her, I felt that she was not only very knowledgeable, but had a sincere interest in helping her patients become well…Within 6 months of beginning treatment with her for PCOS, hypothyroid, depression, and infertility, I lost weight, reversed my hormonal disorder, regulated my depression and began to have regular ovulation and menstrual cycles…

With the help of Dr. Hinojosa and her team, I am now healthier than I have ever been, and most exciting of all, my husband and I are due to deliver our precious little miracle this September.”


I just had the BEST hydra facial of my life!

Anne Marie was not only knowledgeable and explained every step, she was nice and an overall pleasure to spend my time with. She talked about products, but didn’t push a single thing on me. I definitely made a follow up appointment for my next facial.


My family & I have been coming to Dr. Judy at Vitality on & off for 11 years. In addition to the excellent & detailed care we receive, Vitality recently began providing Spa services. It’s been a great addition!

Dr. Daina’s consultation before my microneedling & her candidness about what would benefit me the most was refreshing. She takes great care in what she does. The results from my microneedling have been amazing.

I plan on taking advantage of the other spa treatments (Infrared Sauna) Vitality has to offer in the very near future. Great atmosphere, excellent care!