redness + rosacea

It’s time to soothe irritation and chronic inflammation with a unique combination of skin care and healing the root cause.

Rosacea Treatment

Skin inflammation manifesting as rosacea and redness comes from a deeper problem in the inside. Chronic inflammation in our body, auto-immune disease, food sensitivities and poor digestive health often shows up in our skin as redness and rosacea. Often skin manifestations is the body’s way to signal a red flag of a deeper problem within. Skin inflammation is best treated with a holistic approach.

—Dr. Monson

What’s Causing Redness?

Digestive imbalances. Irritation. Food sensitivity. Stress.

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Let’s find out what’s at the heart of your skin issues.

How We Treat

We Also Recommend…



The Comprehensive Stool Panel

The Food Allergy Panel

The Complete Hormone Panel



Skin care items to calm and restore balance to the skin

Supplements to reduce inflammation and repair the immune system




Vitamin IV Therapy

Chakra Balancing


After struggling for 8 years with some female issues and seeing many doctors with no improvement, Dr. Judy finally figured out the issue and sent me down the right path. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly.

— Cornelia C.


Dr Judy is the first naturopathic physician that I have seen and I have been so impressed with her approach to patients and treatment. She spends the time listening to you and is interested in treating your whole self. Her staff also shares her caring philosophy – they are amazing. On my second visit to the office, they already knew me by name. Having had a hormonal imbalance undiagnosed for so long, I saw a significant difference in just a few months after starting treatment under Dr Judy. I told her I wish I would have come sooner as it has made a significant impact on my life.

— Michelle C.