Lab Testing

Lab Testing

At Vitality Wellness Clinic we provide in house lab services. Our doctors craft comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches to not only treat disease, but to also restore health.

To assess whole body function, our doctors offer non-conventional lab testing used to further assess functional body changes including:

  • Food and environmental allergy testing
  • Comprehensive stool panels
  • Adrenal test panels
  • Male and female hormone panels
  • Micronutrient nutritional assessments
  • Complete thyroid panels (iodine testing)
  • Mold and mycotoxin analysis
  • Auto-Immune disease panels
  • Telomere analysis (aging markers)
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Genetic detoxification profiles
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • Methylation DNA testing
  • Toxic load levels
  • Yearly wellness assessments
  • Chronic Infections testing
  • Oxidative stress assessments
  • Inflammation markers

We also provide additional blood tests such as basic metabolic panels, diabetes and cholesterol checks, and blood chemistry panels, and most insurances are accepted.

Through a variety of treatments and therapies, our doctors are able to create a comprehensive and natural approach to healthcare that addresses not only a patient’s physical health, but also their mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual well-being.


If you would like to get some lab testing services, or find out what tests we recommend for your unique case, contact us!


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