Does Botox Look Natural?

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Many people associate Botox with a stiff and unnatural looking face. However, a lack of facial expression, drooping, or asymmetry are the result of overuse or improper administration. When Botox injections are administered correctly by a skilled technician, the results can look amazingly natural. For results that make you smile every time you look in the mirror, it is important to only trust your face to those with proven results.

How Botox Works

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a naturally occurring neurotoxin that is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works its magic by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which in turn causes a paralysis in the facial muscles when injected into them. This partial paralysis smooths fine lines and wrinkles and lasts for several months. While having this type of substance injected into your face may sound scary, the amount of the chemical used is very small, and Botox injections are recognized as being safer and less invasive than plastic surgery.

Why People Get Botox

The goal of Botox is not to completely eliminate the signs of aging, but to minimize it so that one can appear to age more gracefully. It doesn’t alter the shape of your face; it works with your body to smooth lines and increase elasticity. It is greatly popular, being the most common non-surgical procedure performed in the United States.

One of the advantages of Botox is that you can pinpoint specifically the areas where you would like to see reduced wrinkles: common injection sites include the forehead, corners of the eyes, under the eyes, the sides of the nose, chin, lips, and jaw. Since it isn’t permanent like plastic surgery, you can cease treatments if you decide it is not right for you.

How to Get Natural-Looking Botox Results

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you get natural-looking results and can maintain them. These include:

  • Making sure you go to a reputable center and receive your Botox injections from a trained professional is crucial for obtaining natural-looking results. Ensure your provider is using 100% undiluted brand-name Botox, and not a cheap substitute. Look at before and after pictures of previous clients and check their reviews. If possible, try to see current clients in person to observe how their face moves. Be wary of anyone who is willing to administer injections without first determining if you are a good candidate for Botox. Your provider should have a consultation with you before beginning any treatment, examining your facial expressions and discussing your goals and budget.
  • Most dermatologists agree that the ideal time to start Botox injections is in your 30s, just when your fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to appear. Of course, every face is different, and some people start treatment earlier or later.
  • Using the correct amount is also critical to obtaining natural-looking results. The frozen expression you see with botched jobs is the result of injecting too much Botox. Using too little is better than too much, as you can always add a little more, but if you use too much, it will take several months for your face to return to normal. Younger people or those new to Botox usually start around 10-20 units, while those who are older and have been receiving regular treatments can go as high as 30-50 units.
  • Take good care of your skin outside of the clinic. While the results of Botox may seem like magic, those results will look better and last longer if you are using high-quality facial products, applying sunscreen when going outside, and eating antioxidant-rich foods.

What to Expect From Your Botox Treatment

Once you have consulted with your provider to put together a plan, the Botox injections can begin in the agreed-upon areas. The injection may be a bit uncomfortable, but since the needles are so tiny, most people say they are not painful. You may notice small marks, redness and swelling immediately after the injections, but these should quickly fade.

For your first treatment, it will take 72 hours to a week to see results. Your face shouldn’t feel any different, but you should start noticing a lack of movement in the muscles. Give yourself some time to get used to the results, and if you would like to see more or less movement, you can speak with your provider about adjusting the dosage for next time. Most people get follow-up injections every six months or so, when the results start to fade.

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