A Naturopathic Doctor’s Favorite Clean Beauty & Skin Care Brands

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In the last blog on toxic skin care ingredients to avoid, I shared the top 10 chemicals that are often found lurking inside of conventional beauty and skin care products. But don’t worry – in the last few years the clean beauty industry has boomed – and there are dozens of great brands, offering healthy and effective alternatives to the chemical-laden ones you might be used to.

If you want to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure, and all the associated health risks, cleaning up your beauty routine is an important step.

I know it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the information out there, so I thought it might be helpful to share a bunch of my favorite brands here – to help you kick-start your clean beauty lifestyle.

So what clean beauty products should you be using?
Here are my favorites…


This is my favorite clean beauty skincare line. I’ve used it myself for the past 10 years and recommend it to clients often – with great results. All of their products are organic, biodynamic and plant-based, perfect for cleansing and nourishing your skin.

Tata Harper

This organic line of clean beauty products is extra special because they grow and formulate all of their products on their farm in Vermont. I love their products because they are certified 100% natural and never include synthetic chemicals or other toxins. Plus, they smell absolutely delicious!

Kjaer Weis, RMS Beauty and La Bella Donna Cosmetics

These are my favorite clean beauty cosmetics and the brands I choose when I choose to wear makeup.

Kjaer Weis is a leading high-performing, luxury makeup that is, as everything should be, organic and sustainable. The company was founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis and embodies the Scandinavian aesthetic of minimalism while still feeling luxurious. The compact packaging is refillable, which makes it eco-friendly and also great for travel.

RMS Beauty is formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients. This means that the ingredients are used in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. Think of RMS as skincare with mineral pigments. It’s a beautiful line with an incredibly flattering color range.

Similarly, La Bella Donna Cosmetics is a luxury cosmetics line that creates mineral based products free of harmful, chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. All of these products are pure, gentle and designed to support the health of your skin.

True Botanicals

If scientific evidence is your thing, True Botanicals is the clean beauty skincare product line for you! The entire line is MADE SAFE certified, meaning a team of third-party scientists has tested and analyzed all of their products to ensure their safety. Their skin care products are certified pure.

Juice Beauty

Like all the skincare products I recommend, Juice Beauty products are certified organic and toxin free. What makes them special, however, is each of their products contains freshly squeezed, organic juice blends and fruit acids that literally feed your skin.

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is committed to using high-quality, organic, food-grade ingredients in all of their products. They understand that everything we use on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies, so they source only the finest raw and natural materials. In addition to creating products that offer noticeable results, they also create their products with personal rejuvenation and a little indulgence in mind. I love their philosophy that daily bathing and skincare rituals should be enjoyable — a way to carve out some much-needed downtime.


This is my favorite deodorant because it is made with ingredients that I can pronounce, and none of them are chemicals. It also absorbs odors well.

EO Products

A pioneer of clean beauty products, EO products are certified organic, free of GMOs and gluten-free. They are also free of synthetic fragrances but smell amazing thanks to all natural essential oils. Bonus: they’re easy to purchase at just about any natural market like Whole Foods. I love their body wash as well as their hand sanitizer and deodorant wipes.


Local to us here in Arizona, this clean beauty skincare line is made from organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably procured ingredients that are combined to deliver a plethora of nourishing phytonutrients for luminous skin. All formulations are 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, packaged in glass, and never tested on animals.

As your largest and one of your most vital organs, your skin deserves the best care that you can give it.

I hope you’ll use the wealth of information I’ve shared with you about skin health, to develop and maintain healthy, radiant skin, heal your acne, avoid toxins and incorporate more clean beauty products into your daily skincare routine. Making these changes will not only support the external health of your skin but the internal and overall health of your body.


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